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Water damage can strike at any time, whether it’s a small leak, a water hose left running, an overflowing toilet or bath, or a natural disaster. No matter what caused it, you’ll need to act quickly in order to protect your home from further damage, electrical hazards, structural damage, and health hazards. Within just 48 hours, mold can begin growing, leading to serious health-related issues. This is why it’s crucial you call L&R Contractors right away. We’ll respond immediately and start the process of restoring your home. 

Overwhelmed? We totally understand. Let us help you with your insurance claim so we can get things going. Once your claim is approved, we’ll begin the process of restoring your home, improving the air quality, and getting your life back to normal.


Acting quickly is important when it comes to water damage; the longer you wait, the more water damage occurs. Our team of qualified damage restoration experts will arrive on time to your home and begin removing the moisture from your home using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. 

You can expect that we’ll use the most effective solutions to restore your home quickly from the initial assessment of damage throughout the entire process.

We’re Trained Water Damage Specialists

With over two decades of experience, our water damage specialists use advanced techniques and drying equipment that will effectively dry your home to prevent further damage.  All of our specialists are highly trained and certified professionals that are dedicated to quality.

Advanced Drying Equipment and Techniques

Our methods and advanced equipment will detect moisture that other companies miss. We’ll quickly extract standing water and clean and dry your home and its belongings—professional deodorization and sanitizing your home to remove any smell or reminder of this stressful experience.  Your comfort and safety are our number one concern.

Here’s what you can expect from L&R Contractors water damage restoration process:

  1. We’ll come out as quickly as possible to assess the damage with a comprehensive inspection.
  2. Then well begin reducing or preventing the amount of water that is entering your home to prevent further damage to your home and belongings. This might mean putting a tarp on a leaky roof.
  3. We’ll handle your insurance claim.
  4. Finally, we’ll begin the process of helping you recover from the water damage and returning your property back to its normal conditions.

Contacting L&R Contractors today to prevent additional damage and cost, call us at 571-645-8899.

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